Work Culture
We are an equal opportunity firm.
About Career
Shreyas Tech Solutions provides a clear title of work, life and value balance by which we build right people for the nation. It is always expected or people like to be much more pleasurable, and less stressful to work on a good environment that is filled with positivity and also enjoyment on every achievement.

Shreyas creates an appropriate Environment for the right blend people who love to grow from whatever they are today. We position right people who can demonstrate their skill sets, we help them to develop and allow them to be independent in decision making. Opportunity to all is open, we have built an environment where people walk around with enthusiastic, are friendly, show kindness, talk pleasant and encourage the activities with due respect and delivers the clientele need with commitment and excitement to see their happiness and smile.

We make people responsible with good interest and owning attitude. We allow two way communications on all aspect and working style. By which people enjoy working. You are doing a job that you enjoy and we believe in our team creativity. Shreyas team members are highly respected for their delivery by customers, so we respect and value every individual.

Most of our Staff always feels “When we are happy at work, world around us is small. When our customer is happy and when they appreciate us we feel we live in great world and highly touched with emotion, we will take pride in our job activities and be loyal towards our place of employment”. Our Work is beyond the happiness we love Shreyas because,

  • Our Manager feels “Our team always goes to the grass roots level analysis and develop the right solution”
  • Our Project Lead “We are going about it the way we always have want”
  • Team Member “I know I am certainly going to be a successful person with help of Shreyas”
  • Our Customer “We are impressed with Shreyas by the quality of the development, flexibility of the Team and reliability of the system “

VLove2Work is single word by our Team. We concentrate on right communication from Top Management right till the last deliverable person at Shreyas.

We are open for all kind of socio-economic striates with right educational backgrounds, no difference in class and religion and behavior pattern, to be part of Shreyas. While they follow the pace, pressure, people and politeness of working in Shreyas their growth is assured.

The valued friendships of collogues and one makes Shreyas team as a family with  beautiful and exotic work culture will  surely be prepared to accept that Shreyas is different with all aspect. With this Shreyas@work gives necessary strength for adaptations will definitely be greeted with the sweet taste of success in all step and business by the world.